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 Peptide Bonds.

Two or more amino acids can be linked together by a dehydration synthesis to form a peptide. The characteristic chemical bond is called a peptide bond. 

This picture shows two amino acids joined together by the carboxyl group of one and the amine group of the second. Notice that a water molecule is removed in the process.


The word 'peptide' refers to two or more amino acids joined together by peptide bonds. Peptides can contain more than two amino acids as in this peptide composed of four amino acids trptophan, methionine, aspartime and phenylalanine.


Longer chains of amino acids strung together are called polypeptides, more commonly refered to as proteins. Proteins have a complex three dimentional structure as shown in these RasMol models.
Insulin: stick model
Insulin: Cartoon model showing the arrangement of amino acids into sheets and coils in the insulin molecule.
Protein  from cobra venom stick model. 
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