Sociologically speaking, what’s a race?  What does it mean to say it is a “social construct”?

What’s racialization, according to Giddens.


Sociologically, what is a minority group?  What is a dominant group?  Reflect on the sociological notion of social stratification and explain how minority and dominant groups are structurally unequal. 

What is prejudice?  What is discrimination?  Can one be prejudicial in attitude and not discriminate?  Explain and give an example. Can one discriminate without being prejudicial?  Explain and give an example.

Stereotypical thinking, displacement, scapegoats, projection.  Explain

What is racism?  What would a sociologist mean by “institutional racism”? 

What is ethnocentrism?    What does assimilation mean?  What is segregation?

genocide, ethnic cleansing, apartheid

According to your text, why has racism flourished?

Racial and ethnic inequality:  Who lives in poverty?  What are the median household incomes by race?   Median household  and weekly by gender and race?  Differences in educational attainment.   Racial and ethnic differences in employment, unemployment and income.  Health and life expectancy differences by race.  How do gender and race combine to affect the economic status (i.e., class) of minority women?

What’s a “colonized people”?  What did Blauner see as the original source of racism and ethnic inequality in the modern world? What difference does that seem to make, socially. 

William Julius Wilson’s argument regarding race and class in American society. 


What is social change?  Define it.

Distinguish between different perspectives regarding social change.

What’s the difference between micro and macro levels of social change?

Give examples of each.  Can you identify changes which aren’t social changes?

According to the text, what are the forces, causes, dynamics (a.k.a. influences) of social change.  Where do social changes come from?  What was Marx’s theory of social change (hint—see lecture notes and review pages 11-12 of your text).

What has happened to the rate of social change in modern, industrial society?

What do sociologists mean by “modernity”?

What does Giddens mean by Post-industrial society?  Information, knowledge based society.  What economic changes lead to life after industrialism, or “post-industrialism? “ Are we really in a post-industrial society?  Support your answer.

What does post -modernity mean?  What was the “grand narrative” of modern society? 

What do sociologists mean by globalization?  What factors contribute to globalization?

weightless economy                      transnational corporation

Globalization debate. skeptics, hyperglobalizers, transformationalists

Globalization and risks

What is the campaign for global justice (“antiglobalization movement”)?